Glendale, Wisconsin, Root Beer Bash supports St. Francis Children's Center
Date: Wednesday, August 02, 2017 @ 07:12:05 UTC
Topic: Root Beer

The City of Glendale, Wisconsin, announces its first annual Root Beer Bash, featuring fun, games and the Root Beer Olympics.  The family-friendly event, sponsored by Glendale's Sprecher Brewery, is set for August 26, 2017, in the city's Richard E. Maslowski Glendale Community Park. Glendale is the self-proclaimed "center of the root beer universe."

Sign up and compete against other individuals in your age bracket, or gather friends and family to enter the competition as a team. All proceeds from the Olypmics will be donated to St. Francis Children's Center to support the services they provide to children with special needs.

In addition to the Root Beer Olympics, the Bash features:

  • Glendale Police Department Run / Walk
  • Root Beer-Themed Food and Fun
  • Entertainment by DJ Covelli, Blue Light Scene, Mount Olive
The Root Beer Olympic Games include:
  • Root Beer Chugging
  • Keg Rolling
  • Hold the Glass
  • Keg Toss
  • Pull a Wagon of Root Beer
  • Obstacle Glass Run
  • Glass Relay (Team Only Event)

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